Friday Beers News – February 23rd

Here are some things that are coming up in the beer community here in Winnipeg. If you have any events or releases you’d like included, contact me at

  • Oxus Brewing Company has bottled its first beers and should be coming out in Liquor Marts soon. This is really exciting news! A new brewery opening again with more local beer to try! I can’t wait. Check-out my initial chats with Oxus here and here.
  • Torque Brewing has tapped this years Russian Imperial Stout. It’s called “Fake News” but at the taproom they’ve named it “Collusion”. If you are interested in colluding with Torque, head to their taproom. If you’d prefer to consume some Fake News, you’ll have your chance when the bottles are released in March.
  • Trans Canada has their grab a growler and go growlers up and running. These pre-filled growlers of their Amber and IPA will be available at the brewery starting today. This means you literally drop of your old one and pick up a new one. No need to worry about waiting for a fill. Quick and simple.
  • Trans Canada also has a variety of beers that you can try as well as some small batches. They’ve released a Brett Pale Ale for all those who love Brett.
  • Half Pints is always looking at doing some fun stuff, check out their seasonal beers as well as their upcoming brews.
  • There is a fun event coming up at the Irish Association of Manitoba on March 3rd. This educational event will teach you the basics of small batch brewing. Check out the details and register here.
  • International Womens’ Brew Day is arriving soon, March 8th, and will be hosted by Barn Hammer Brewing. They’ve released the test-batch, Witch Hunt, which is a Rooibos tea infused wit beer. I hope to sit down with some of the group to chat again this year. Check out my chat from last years IWBD.
  • Lastly, there is some sad news in the Craft Beer Community. The first new brewery to open it’s doors has also been forced to close them until further notice. I am not sure what exactly occurred or the details about the situation but Peg Beer Co. is closed until further notice. On behalf of myself, I want to wish them all the best and will be hoping that they will open their doors once more and that this is simply a hiccup.

I’ve posted my write-up on a Gose from Beau’s along with my write-up of Torque’s Gruit.

– Beer Winnipeg

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