Friday Beer News – March 23rd

I’m super excited to be on vacation next week. I might actually even get to brew a beer for the first time in a long while. I’m pretty excited about it too. I am wanting to do a Barley Wine with Brett and then age some of it with bourbon soaked oak staves. Will be fun to see how it all turns out!

Here are some things that are coming up in the beer community here in Winnipeg. If you have any events or releases you’d like included, contact me at

  • While many may not be aware, we have a burgeoning hop grower community here in Manitoba. Give the growth in this industry, there are forming the
  • Manitoba Hop Growers Association (MBHGA). This is exciting news as it means we will have more access, hopefully, to locally grown hop varietals. Great for home brewers and breweries alike.
  • Barn Hammer continues to brew really interesting test batches of beer. They’ve partnered with Matt Gibbs to brew an ancient Egyptian beer that is made mostly of fermented sour dough bread. Apparently it’s quite good. You can read all about it and the process (If you haven’t already) here.
  • Barn Hammer has also released a Strawbarian Tart Milkshake IPA test batch and are brewing a full-batch of their Strawbarian Milkshake IPA. I am super excited.
  • Torque has released their latest Russian Imperial Stout in 500ml wax sealed bottles. It is called “Fake News” and if you had a chance to try “Collusion” at the tap room, it’s the same stuff. I’ve got a bottle to try this weekend so I’ll do a write-up about it soon.
  • Stone Angel continues to do some really fun stuff with their “60 Glasses” series. I suggest you follow them on twitter to be kept in the loop to what is coming up. As well, if you’ve never been you should go! Their Autumn Ale – Samhain – Is going to be taken off tap soon. It’s worth a try. They’ve got lots on tap to try, so it’s well worth the visit.
  • Fort Garry Brewing has released a Smoked Malt Barley Wine that is available at liquor marts now. This is an interesting release from this brewery and I do plan to check it out.
  • Oxus has released beer! This is an amazing thing. Oxus has been working so hard to get the brewery open. It’s a one-man-show for the most part and I’m really impressed with what he has been able to accomplish. The first two beers from Oxus are Juice of the Oats Oatmeal Stout and Transoxania India Pale Ale in 650 ml bottles. You can get them at Liquormarts and Beer Vendors around town (Quality Inn, Charleswood Beer Market and others). A third beer, Canadian Dream Blonde Ale will be coming out soon as well. I’ve had the IPA and I thought it was quite well done.
  • Trans Canada is announcing the first of its four core beers this weekend. They are having an event to do so at 4pm down at the brewery. If you have a chance to get down, do so, it is sure to be a fun time.
  • Kilter Brewing officially has a location. They will be brewing out of 80 Sherbrook Street in the Wolsley neighborhood. This is really exciting and one step closer to us getting to have some of their beer. They’ve received a brewing equipment and are setting stuff up. I’m excited to get down and check out the space and report back when I can. In the mean-time, follow them on twitter.

I’m planning to get down to visit Kilter and do a follow-up to my initial post on them. I also am finally going to get a chance to do my write-up on Torque’s Fake News. I’ll just say you should get some before they sell out of it. It’s good, but I think it will get better.

I am sure I am missing some awesome news in the beer community. If you’ve got something you’d like include, send me a mail –

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