I am a beer enthusiast from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

To be fair, I am a Maritimer. Born and raised on the east coast of Canada. We are known for many things, beer being one of them.

To be honest, I didn’t always like beer. It was something I drank but never really enjoyed. It wasn’t until I started travelling and making my own beer that I really started to appreciate the simple complexity of the beverage. How such simple ingredients can be so broad as to almost approach overwhelming. The different varieties of ingredients, the ways it can be brewed, the different flavours that come of minor changes. All these things make beer such an interesting drink.

In another life I would like to be a brew master and own my own brewery. For now I will be satisfied trying and blogging about the creations of others.

When I rate beer it’s to give information about the style and some details about it. Here is a summary of how I break it down:

  • The appearance of the beer
    • What’s the colour, the head and the retention of the foam?
  • The smell of the beer
    • What notes are present and are there any off notes that shouldn’t be there?
  • Taste. The big one
    • How do the smells come through in the taste, is it pleasant, are there any off-flavours or things that just aren’t quite right?
  • Mouth Feel
    • What’s the body of the beer, is it light, or heavy? Is there a good carbonation level for the style?
  • Overall thoughts on the beer in relation to the style
  • Whether I actually like the beer or not and why

I want to make a note on the reviewing system I use.  I’m not a beer judge. Those who have been trained to be able to smell and taste what is off in a beer are very good and I respect their opinions.  With that exception, I don’t always take stock in how people rate beers.

Perhaps someone doesn’t like a particular style, or they don’t think the beer is good.  It doesn’t mean I, or someone else, won’t like it.  So, while I do review beers on this blog from time to time, it is more for my own personal reasons to keep track of which ones I liked the best.  You can take my reviews as you like, either listen or don’t.

Ultimately, I want people to try new beers and take chances and educate yourselves about beer.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Any thought on adding the list of hotel beer vendors that have growler bars to your list? Currently there are 7 hotels with growler bars in the province.


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