Friday Beer News – February 9th

Here are some things that are coming up in the beer community here in Winnipeg. If you have any events or releases you’d like included, contact me at

  • Oxus Brewing Company has bottled its first beers and should be coming out in Liquor Marts soon. This is really exciting news! A new brewery opening again with more local beer to try! I can’t wait. Check-out my initial chats with Oxus here and here.
  • Torque’s International Gruit Day beer is out and available at the brewery and Quality Craft Beer Store. This is super exciting. Their “Borealis” is a gruit made with juniper berries, lavender, yarrow, spruce tips, and bog myrtle. For more information on who else is participating in this day check-out the official website. This interesting and unique style of beer is enjoyable to drink. For more information on the style check here. I will be posting a review of this beer soon.
  • Nonsuch and Barn Hammer heave released a collaboration brew at the brewery and at Liquor Marts and Quality Craft Beer Store. This “Lune Noire” is a dark saison and if you had a chance to try some last year, you know it’s really good.
  • Barn Hammer Brewing is participating in the “6-week winter CSA” membership. This get’s you:
    • $250 Membership gets you six weeks of Eadha Bread, Barn Hammer Brewing Company Beer and Bouchée Boucher Meat for 2 people as well as samples from six other guest food artisans in Manitoba including flora & farmer, Smak Dab, Helpfulbeans, and more!

    • Check out the details here.
  • Trans Canada has their grab a growler and go growlers up and running. These pre-filled growlers of their Amber and IPA will be available at the brewery starting today. This means you literally drop of your old one and pick up a new one. No need to worry about waiting for a fill. Quick and simple.
  • Half Pints is always looking at doing some fun stuff, check out their seasonal beers as well as their upcoming brews.
  • Surly Gives a Damn is going to be holding another charitable event here in Winnipeg in support of Winnipeg Harvest on February 13th. This is a great opportunity to help out the local community and celebrate with free Surly beer afterwards. Details and signup info is here.
  • There is a fun event coming up at the Irish Association of Manitoba on March 3rd. This educational event will teach you the basics of small batch brewing. Check out the details and register here.
  • The Winnipeg Brewmasters’ Winter Technical Session is coming up on February 22nd. It is hosted and sponsored by Trans Canada Brewing and Intertek. For more details on that check here.
  • Lastly, I guarantee there are a lot of beers that need drinking around the city and I’m sure I’ve missed some cool events and stuff coming up. If you know of anything coming up, let me know so I can feature it. In the meantime, checkout the stuff above and go to the open breweries in the city and drink some beer.

I’ve got a write-up on a Gose from Beau’s coming up soon along with a write-up of Torque’s Gruit. I’ve also got some write-ups coming on interviews, so keep watching.

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