In Kelowna – Tree Brewing


I’m in Kelowna and had the opportunity to stop in at Tree Brewing’s Beer institute. The “beer geeks” there explained to me that this small craft brew pub is a tank to glass operation. No filtration, no kegs, just pure beer. Awesome. 

Brewing about 10 hectolitres there on site they have a variety of beer options. I tried the hophead IPA, a 65 ibu nice hoppy beer. 

This isn’t my standard post. I haven’t posted in a while and so am easing my way back in. I hope to get to the main brewery on Tuesday and see if I can’t get more details on the operation. It will also give me a chance to try out more of the beers. 

We get a variety of Tree Brewing’s beers in Winnipeg which indicates a fairly good distribution setup. 

The HopHead is a dry-hopped IPA using perle, centennial, cascade, Columbus and crystal hops. The malts are pale, light Munich, Vienna and crystal. 

Overall it’s a nice bitter beer that tastes really crisp on the finish. It’s refreshing, which is nice, with that really good dry hop tannin finish that I personally enjoy. 

I wanted to post this quick update and I’ll be starting to post more regularly once again. I’ll post a more full review of tree brewing when I get back to Winnipeg. Until then some small posts to wet the appetite. 

Thanks for following along

– Beer Winnipeg

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